“So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed” by Jon Ronson

24 Apr

Awhile back I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jon Ronson for his book, “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed!”

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 6.44.23 PM

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Can’t wait to hear everyone’s questions, comments, and of course, PRAISE!!!


Princess Donna


20 Nov

this thing working?

Driving From Tampa to Austin

10 Feb

When we got in the car the drive felt so easy. I was happy to just be moving, and in control of my own destiny I guess.

I mean, having an airline tell me that I can’t get to where I want to be when I want to be there isn’t really my thing.Really shouldn’t be theirs either. The airplanes are there to get you where you want to go when you want to go, right? Apparently not always

.IMG_5280 1

So getting in the car made me feel free. The drive was long but totally spectacular, we drove straight through from Tampa to Austin.


The sun rose as we were entering texas. I bought a blanket at a rest stop that plugs into the car and heats up. That was glorious. I also bought an alligator face. In Louisiana.

IMG_5298 1

We got to Austin and immediately took a dip in Barton Cold Springs. A cold plunge on a cold day. Sometimes it’s just what you need. This time it was. For me.

photo 5


Then we got drunk and ate mexican food and got lip tattoos.

photo 1-2


Obligatory pee pee pic…

IMG_5284 1

Went to some bars and listened to live music. I love Austin, but the bars on this particular evening in this particular party of town were not my thing. Rhey reminded me of Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Too touristy and too amateur. And too frat housey. But we had fun regardless. Woke up at 5am to catch a flight to LA, then drove to set and started shooting some gang bang action.

On the way to set with the crew. All is well :)

photo 2

All in a days work for a princess…….

To be continued. xoxox

Princess Donna


Where in the World is Carmen San Diego??

29 Jan

Hello my loves!

What have I been up to? Clearly not being a responsible blogger!!!! Time to fix that.

Life has been busy but fun! A whirlwind of sorts. First I went to Puerto Rico for New Year’s. It was amazing. My friends recently opened a hostel right on the beach and I stayed there with them and watched the waves and travelers roll in and out. I spent NYE on an air mattress under the stars, night swimming, and laughing my ass off. IMG_5235 1I couldn’t have asked for a better New Years honestly, and I hate NYE. It’s such amateur hour in the cities. Best to escape to nature and enjoy your friends and chosen family. IMHO……

IMG_5215 1

If you are ever looking for an amazing hostel right on the beach with really amazing people in Puerto Rico go to the Hostile Hostel. You won’t regret it! Here is a link to their website…..http://www.thehostilehostel.com/

We went to beautiful waterfalls. IMG_5254 1

Took surf lessons. Went salsa dancing. My feet got sandy.IMG_5264 1

I became obsessed with press on nails….IMG_5260 1

On the way back from Puerto Rico my connecting flight was in Chicago and all the flights in and out of Chicago were canceled. It was a Friday I think. I was told that they wouldn’t be able to fly me home until Tuesday. As much as I would have loved to spend a few nights in Tampa (sarcasm) I had shoots lined up for Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Missing all of them wasn’t really an option, so I decided to rent a car and get the hell out of dodge. IMG_5263 1 TO BE CONTINUED…..


– Driving from Tampa to Austin. Barton Cold Springs and Lip Tattoos.

Hardcoregangbang.com shoots with Jodi Taylor, Alby Rydes, and Angel Allwood

– Vegas

– My Birthday Party Weekend

– Fashion tips, and more!!!!!!!


Big Boobs, Big Butt, Fake Eyes, Real Disgracing. And Squirting to……

25 Dec

Amazing shoot with Serena Allie for publicdisgrace.com the other day. We got kicked out of the first place we tried to shoot, I guess they weren’t into tied up naked chicks getting banged in their store. But fear not! We found another place to shoot that liked us just fine! For those of you that like free swinging titties…..   photo(25)

Here’s the blindfold I concocted for her….


And for those of you that like your titties tied up…..


Happy holidays to all, and to all a good night!


Princess Donna

Cassandra Nix is a Filthy Whore/Rockstar!

6 Dec

If a picture is worth 1000 words then I’m writing at least a 4000 word blog post about how fucking awesome Cassandra Nix is!

I shot her for publicdisgrace.com last night. The girl is tough as nails and sexy as hell. I absolutely LOVE working with her!

Orlando helped me make some cool devices that had her totally trapped and helpless.


And Lucas designed this amazing headbox where we can see her face, but she can only see her own reflection!!!!!


Then we did a dun electrical predicament where she shocks herself with copper poles if she so much as breathes too heavy!


She sucked a good cock while bound and blindfolded.


Squirted all over the place (which I couldn’t take a picture of cause I was all up in her vagina…), licked pussy, begged for mercy at the hands of the cattle prod, and got a facefull of cum as a reward!

All in all, an excellent night at work!



A Very Long and Amazing Day with Darling and Phoenix Marie

3 Dec

So I had a very long and amazing day shooting with Darling and Phoenix Marie for Hardcoregangbang.com. I don’t want to give away too much, but I will say……

Look at all the booty!!!

On Darling


And Phoenix


Look at those awesome directing skills…..


And the action…..



And our tongues out like Miley Cyrus!




Princess Donna


Everything’s Cool Video Blog

25 Jun
Princess Donna

A Few Days Late and a Few Flip Flops Short

11 Jun

Arrived in st. Petersburg.

The weather is beautiful.


I need flip flops. But since I woke up to pack for the trip less than half an hour before my knight in flip flop armor showed up at 6am and I have moved the boxes into my new house, but had no time to unpack them, and was determined to only pack what I could fit in my tiny carry on bag, I wound up here with nothing but boots and a pair of heels for show wear. I opted for heels to go outside because it is actually f***ing hot!

I have the chills and a stomach ache and a head ache and I’m so sleepy and hurty all over. All signs point to sleep deprivation, airplane food, illness, or all of the above. Not exactly how I wanted my first day in Russia to go, but it was a fucking long ass couple of flights to get here and I couldn’t sleep on any of them and actually my stomach has been a bit upset since I projectile vomited into Shylar and Katherine’s fish pond the other night. I rarely vomit. So that caught me off guard.

I’m sitting in a cafe and Brande is buying me flip flops at H&M because she is an angel. Through a very scientific study of the happy people I know in life I’ve decided that flip flops are the secret to living the good life. I’ve never been a flip flop wearer. Mostly because I’ve always thought they are ugly. Maybe not caring about what you look like is more important to happiness than wearing flip flops and flip flops are just what happen after you are already content. That would make more sense. But since I like to do things backwards I’m going to start with the outside (flip flop wearing) and work inwards from there. I’ll keep you posted.

Xoxo Princess Donna

and Immodest Women

1 Jun
I thought it was a perfectly respectable outfit…..
Princess Donna