I’m Back…..! Wrestling, Pole Dancing, Babes, Sk8Kamp, Burning Man!!!

4 Sep

So, I decided to go to Burning Man very last minute, with Chastity Lynn, Maia Davis, and Penny Pax. We all rode up together at like 3am, in a van COMPLETELY filled to the brim with stuff. It was a really fun drive, and I am so happy I got to know those babes better!

I have a lot of stories to tell, from this trip, so I’m going to divide them up over a couple different posts. Long story short, I met SO many cool people, and so many fans (which I was not at all expecting). I’ve actually never met so many people who recognized me from the internet in such a short amount of time ever in my life! That made me really happy and proud.

It all started one night when Chastity Lynn needed to go to the medic tent because she burned her finger. One of the guys working there was a fan and a mega sweetheart, so I took a picture with him and by the time the photo was taken my friends had disappeared! I looked for them forever, but looking for friends at Burning Man is kind of an impossible joke, so I decided to fight at the Thunder Dome instead. It was awesome! I feel like I kicked so serious ass, but I’m not sure if I actually won or not. There is a video, so I’ll watch the replay and let you know! After the fight I got lonely and decided to go back to the medic tent to visit my new friend. I wasn’t technically injured, but I did fall off my bike the day before, and that was kind of sore, so I had them ice it for me. My friend’s shift was ending so we decided to ride bikes around and look for an art car to ride.

We found an awesome art car, but the pretty girl letting people on told me it was full and we couldn’t ride :-( Then she said, “hey you look really familiar. Are you……(long pause)” And I said, “……..Princess Donna? “Yes!” She got really excited, but not nearly as excited as me! Long story short she let us on the art car and we had the most amazing time. I danced on the stripper pole, kicked 3 guys asses in wrestling in the dirt, rode all the way out to the middle of the desert and hung upside down from the cage while the sun rose. It was amazing. Then the car ran out of gas and battery, so I ran around the desert to find someone to tow us back to “civilization.”

After that I basically wouldn’t leave their camp, http://sk8camp.com/. Luckily they didn’t seem to mind! I asked if I could officially join their camp next year and they said yes, so get ready because we are going to set up a kickstarter soon and start raising funds for next year!! I want to use power drills and help them in any way I can because they are amazing and beautiful and I adore them!!!

Anyway, I have a couple of crappy pics from my iPhone, but many many amazing photos were taken while we were there.

Here are a couple to tide you over :-)


Princess Donna

2 Responses to “I’m Back…..! Wrestling, Pole Dancing, Babes, Sk8Kamp, Burning Man!!!”

  1. es September 4, 2012 at 12:08 pm #

    ..i want to use power drills..
    yes, she’s back.

  2. Sarah May 19, 2013 at 4:08 pm #

    Will you be going to BM 2013?! I would LOVE to meet you out there!

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